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SugarMart team is continuously contacting to prospective Suppliers to increase the suppliers base for Sugar Factories. The team sees that suppliers from all segments and from all part of the country are registered on SugarMart to serve the factories from all the state of India.

At present we have sufficient number of suppliers working in each segment like Agricultural items (Bamboo, Tents, Wires, Rope etc.), Packing materials, Bags, Oil and Lubricants, Rotter, Pump, Juice items, Pipe fittings, Bushes, Grinder Machines, Chemicals, Harvesting equipment, Turbines, Chains etc.

The list of segment wise suppliers can be seen on SugarMart, apart from this Suppliers can showcase their products on SugarMart so that Factories can see the product, see the details and refer to the specifications when they need the product for their factory.

Under Catalogue Management is having list of products and services and the suppliers which are offering the same in chronological order. SugarMart is facilitating Sugar Factories to understand products and Services offered by various Suppliers with its details specifications, usage etc.

Here registered suppliers can list their products and services so that Sugar Factories will come to know about them. Sugar Factories are allowed to place their inquiries about the products and services to suppliers to get mode details if any required through SugarMart.